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France Solar Industry brand is a window into French know-how in solar electricity production, all technologies included. This brand brings together the French companies working in solar photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, and concentrated photovoltaic. Under this common banner, the French solar industry is poised to strengthen the “showcase effect” and to present the French offer in a collective and structured manner in order to win new markets internationally.



To present the French solar industries in a collective and structured manner to its international contacts, France Solar Industry is organized around “integrated offers” covering all the technologies that enable to generate solar electricity and meeting the different and specific targeted countries needs. These offers highlight associated business clusters according to the countries needs, the foreign markets and the local (on-site?) missions.
The companies affiliated to France Solar Industry are positioned on one or more integrated offers. These offers could be, for example, turnkey power production stations, improved solutions for integration with the grid, or even integrated industrial offers. From upstream to downstream, the all solar electricity producer’s trades are represented.



The France Solar Industry brand rests on quality criteria that allow it to present a performed (successful) offer which answers the expectations of its foreign contacts.
A steering committee selects the applicant companies (for entry into the brand?) based on objective criteria such as export activity, turnover, nature of the integrated offers on which the company is positioned, export references, number of jobs dedicated to the international activity…

About French Solar Industry

The brand France Solar Industry is the window of French know-how, all technologies, in terms of electricity generation from solar energy. This brand includes the French companies involved in solar photovoltaic and thermodynamic solar concentrator, members of the Renewable Energy Association (SER) and eligible for admission described in this regulation. France Solar Industry is subject to a filing with the INPI in France and abroad. Under this common banner, the French solar industry is given every opportunity to structure its offer, to promote, and so gain new international markets.


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